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Gerry Icontest

Gerry Butler Icontest
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gerryicontest is simply what it says it is. A Gerard Butler icon contest. Every week I'll post a challenge and every week the members will enter icons and then vote on which one is the best, first through third place, and if there are enough entries, a mod's choice.

1. Be sure to read the challenge description. Some weeks it will be stillness, other weeks it will be hush, or lyrics, or animated. If there is no challenge theme, anything is game.
2. Must be in LJ standards, 100x100 40kb max. Basically, if I can't upload it, it's disqualified.
3. Submissions must remain anonymous. Don't post anywhere, or use until the contest is over. And please don't post the bases, either. You can always tell.
4. You can tell your friends to vote, but don't tell them to vote specifically for you. It's cheating.
5. If you want to use someone entry, be sure to ask, and then credit.

1. Post your icon in the comments of the challenge post. These comments will be screened, so no one besides the mod will see them until it's time to vote.
2. Be sure to have them on a server that allows direct linking (Photobucket or GreatestJournal). Red X's will be disqualified.
3. You have to be a member of the community to submit an icon. You can't just be watching.
4. When submitting, please submit icons with the picture and the URL, like so:


1. Submission time ends sometime Tuesday evening, when the poll goes up. The new challenge will go up the same time as the poll.
2. Voting will go on for about 48 hours, and will close sometime Thursday evening, when the winners are announced.
3. You do not have to be a member of the community to vote. But being a member is fun!

rules adapted from angie_challenge.

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